date: Sunday 9th of September 2018
dotFes 2018 Vietnam Da Nang
Time: From 8:30am to 1pm
dotfes 2018 Da Nang

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is there rules during the event concerning the venue premises?

    dotFes2018 Vietnam Da Nang will be held and will uses parts of the site of Da Nang Institute of Technology, so refer to their general rules.

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    Is it possible to eat and drink during a break?

    Eating and drinking in the facility is possible.

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    Is shooting photos and videos possible?

    Regarding shooting, please pay attention to copyright, portrait rights etc.
    We hope that everyone will respect the basic practice of common sense and not annoy another person.
    Depending on the session, we may announce that photos and videos are prohibited. In that case, please follow the instructions on the day of the event.

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    What about waste disposal?

    Please do not litter at all. Since we have installed garbage boxes in various places, please use them and also be sure to separate the trash correctly.

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    Is it possible to park cars at the venue?

    There is no space to park visitors car.

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    Is there wheelchair access at the venue?

    Yes there is.

Dotfes 2018 Vietnam Da Nang